Crying Raven Laughing Angel  written and illustrated byElisha Giquel


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Friday, March 25, 2001Day Dreams - We travel through life on daydreams
                                                        To destinations faraway...
                                                         Experiences unknown...
                                                         Imaginations untapped...
                                                         Follow where you mind takes you
                                                         For once there,
                                                        anything is possible
                                                        And any journey is
                                                        an inspiration to the soul
                                                         to make the dream

 I found this poem on the inside cover of my dream journal. I thought it was an appropriate opening for my comic. Crying Raven Laughing Angel is based upon some of the crazy dreams I have at night. They were so interesting that I couldn't just let them pass without sharing them with people. I know most of us really like telling stories about what we dreamed about, they are unbelievable adventures that only we have; where our mind lets us have what we secretly wish for, or what we secretly fear.

This is a big leap for me! The last time I attempted to create a comic I was still watching Smurfs! It is  my hope that what I create here in these pages is something that will stay with you and inspire you  for days to come. Well I've rambled on enough, enjoy the show!

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"Change is the only Constant in this life"

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